Tips & Tricks

Below we have gathered together a number of tips and tricks in order to be able to get off to a good start with the app. If you have some good ideas and experiences you are welcome to share them with others here on the website.

Ideas for rewards

–A walk in the forest
–A surprise in their lunchbox
–Breakfast in bed
–Spend the day in their nightclothes
–Visit grandma
–A relay race

How you as a parent can support your child during the game

– Ensure that clothes are ready to put on
– Do not choose too many activities at a time
– Be ready to help them brush their teeth
– Agree with the child what is involved in the individual activities. For example, “breakfast”, does this mean that the child only has to be ready to for breakfast, help to set the table for breakfast or something else?
– Use the game as motivation to get going again. Has your child, for example, eaten breakfast and forgotten all about the game, if so, then give your child a hint that the game is still being played.
– Use the extra time you have to do something together in the morning. This could be reading a story, for example.

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